cabinet or shelf with newspaper in it

[Post New]by dolores2b on Dec 17, 13 8:35 AM
I am at part where I am looking in a drawer or on a shelf and can.t TAKE item.
It is a page in newspaper, and if ask for hint, it just says ---take item or icon. But it won't do anything. Have lots of things in inventory, been down stairs, upstairs, outside, all over the place. Any help for me out there.?

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Re:cabinet or shelf with newspaper in it

[Post New]by moondances on Jun 9, 14 3:13 AM
I wonder if that's the part I'm stuck at-It's a cubbyhole under the stairs & hint says to take object, but there is only a newspaper and I can't pick it up-Very frustrating-Anybody out there?

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