I just finished PVZ with only 6 plant slots throughout!

[Post New]by Griddlebone on Dec 17, 13 4:06 PM
I decided for a challenge I would never buy a 7th (8th, 9th, or 10th) plant slot. The first time through Adventure was pretty normal, six slots is plenty for most levels. Sometimes I had to get creative: pool levels without Lily Pads, for instance (use Threepeaters or Starfruit, both of which cover more than one lane). Other creative touches: roof levels without Flower Pots, and fog levels without any type of fog lifter - playin' blind!

I already knew I could defeat **** Party and Bobsled Bonanza with only 6 slots, and as it turned out Last Stand was easier than I thought it would be (but it took some luck). A lot of levels and mini games are not dependent on the number of slots you have at all.

The hardest level? Adventure 4-4, on the second time through. IIRC, it has Dolphin Rider zombies and Balloon zombies. Crazy Dave picks three of your slots, so you only have three choices. You need a Lily Pad and Tall Nut to slow down the Dolphin Rider so you can defeat him, and you need something that will pop the balloons or get rid of the Balloon zombies (Cactus, Blowver, or Cattails). You need a good attack plant - and sorry, but Cactus is not a great attack plant in general, and Cattails are expensive. And you need to made sun somehow - it's a fog level, so that means going slowly with Sunflowers or trying your luck with Sun-Shrooms. Either way, I couldn't defeat the level without Puff-Shrooms. Soooo... pick any three. You need help from Crazy Dave's picks and it was a tough level in any case! I restarted the game a few times to encourage him to pick more useful plants. I think he finally picked a Puff-Shroom, Tall-Nut, and Starfruit, and I added a Sun-Shroom, Cactus, and Lily Pad and that was enough. Starfruit are the best!

I went through Adventure twice, finished all the Mini-Games, all the Puzzles, all the Survival mode games, all three Endless games, and won all the trophies. And I still haven't bought a 7th plant slot!

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Re:I just finished PVZ with only 6 plant slots throughout!

[Post New]by 16paws on Jun 30, 14 12:54 AM
How did you play the roof levels without flower pots??????

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