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Game is still not saved

[Post New]by awalkinglady on Dec 18, 13 9:45 AM
After installing the new update, I assumed that one of the bugs they would have addressed was the problem with the game not being saved. However, I just tried to open a game I was making good progress in only to find that I am back at the beginning AGAIN. This is extremely annoying having to repeat the same quests over and over again! Plus, it would be nice to see what happens later in the game but I doubt I ever will since I have to keep starting over. I'd probably be at level 50 by now if the game wasn't in a constant state of new beginnings!

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Re:Game is still not saved

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Dec 18, 13 11:19 AM
Heya awalkinglady,

I'm very sorry to hear that your game has been repeatedly restarting from the beginning.

I see from your post in the Tech Thread for this game that you've reached out to our Tech Support Team. That's good to hear. I'm confident that one of our Reps will be able to help sort this out.

To keep things tidy in the forum, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread (since it's a tech issue).

Please let me or one of the other Moderators know if you have any questions or concerns,


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