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Wide Screen Option Not Working

[Post New]by tuakka on Dec 18, 13 11:28 AM
Hey BFG....the option to switch the game's resolution to wide screen doesn't work. My laptop uses the 'normal' video resolution setting of 1920x1280, and I prefer playing games with the screen stretched completely to the edges of my monitor. That being said, when I first started this game, the screen did have two black bars on each side, so I went into 'Settings' and checked the Wide Screen option, but absolutely nothing happened. I then thought maybe I needed to restart the game, so I closed out and restarted it, but again to no avail....the screen still had the black bars, and when I went back into 'Settings', the Wide Screen option was no longer checked. I tried selecting Wide Screen again and closed the game, yet once again the Wide Screen option was no longer checked when I restarted the game.

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