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Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by Boomzap on Dec 19, 13 8:40 PM
Hi there - it’s Chris from Boomzap. You may have noticed that... we’ve released a lot of games lately. Because of that we have been a bit remiss in not spending as much time on the forums as we’d like. But now, before the New Year, I’d like to come by and offer our genuine appreciation for everyone playing our games, and giving great feedback.

I have to say, I am especially proud of our recent release, Botanica: Earthbound. The Botanica series is very close to my heart. The idea started from my recollections of reading the Tarzan series as a kid - my grandfather had a set of first editions that he treasured, and I used to sit and read them for hours every summer when I would go visit. Botanica was my attempt at trying to capture that spirit of adventure in a HOPA. Sadly, my grandfather passed away last year - he was 96. I like to think he would have enjoyed the spirit of adventure in these games, and of a science-driven “lost world” story.

But to be honest, while the initial idea was mine - I had very little to do with the actual game - which was the product of a larger design team, including Luna, Mary, and TG - and they would like to mention a few things:

(From Luna/TG/Mary)
On behalf of the Botanica team, we’d like to thank you for playing Botanica: Earthbound!

This game picks up where we left off with Ian and Ellie - far away from home and still looking for Ellie’s father. But as in all stories, there is the bad guy, Gustav (the snake!) who makes his appearance again. There is also Queen Kassandra, though she may prove to be an unlikely ally this time.

But aside from writing the story for this sequel, creating the strange world of Botanica was the coolest experience for the team (we own a planet!) and we especially loved designing all sorts of critters. There are also plenty of people to meet, all of them had somehow made their way into Botanica too.

All in all, we had fun making this game. It was a change from developing more fantasy based games (not that we don't love Otherworld or Awakening!), and we felt (or at least hoped!) that we've done the theme justice. We hope that you enjoyed exploring Botanica as much as we did.

Thank you again for playing!

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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by tookat on Dec 20, 13 3:05 AM
Yay for Boomzap!
and thank you both for stopping in to say hello, but also for these marvelous games you give us.
I cannot say which I prefer, between OtherWorld and Botanica.....and I will not say I do not like Awakening, though it feels geared more to younger players....but I own all of them, all of the Botanica and all of the OtherWorld, so I think you could say, I am a BoomZap fan!
In all three, you have done such a marvelous job creating real feeling worlds....I love the feeling of being transported somewhere new, even if it is a distant "fantasy world.

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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by tammytheo on Dec 20, 13 9:42 PM
Welcome back to the forums Boomzap! And don't think that your absence all this time went unnoticed! We, players/customers, are always thrilled when developers take the time to communicate. It shows great professionalism and respect for us and what we actually think.

I personally would like to thank you not only for "Botanica" but for all the great games you have given us so far and the countless hours of fun. I also noticed that since the release of the latest "Otherworld", you've changed the way of accessing the strategy guide and would like to thank you for that as well. Much more functional this way!

My best wishes for the Christmas season and for the new year, I wish you health and inspiration in order to be able to create more wonderful games for us.

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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by orphaned on Dec 21, 13 4:12 AM
to everyone at Boomzap!!

Oh what fun it is to find another game for me!

sorry !!

but grateful you were too busy making more wonderful games just for us!! all of which I now proudly own and play and play ...!! Once is never enough!!

as soon as the Botanica title appeared - moved into BUY mode and am pleased as always!! thank you for continuing this marvellous journey!!

glad you can now join us, however, and see just how appreciated your games are.

Merriest of Christmases, Happiest of Holidays and only the best in 2014!!

and thank you!! thank you!! thank you!! ...

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