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Lots of problems with the bonus game

[Post New]by Mr_Krabs on Dec 20, 13 4:42 PM
I'm playing on an iPad. The main part of the game was great fun but the bonus game is weird to say the least. For instance, there were several times when I was in a parallel universe as Peter (eg when he was talking to Emily and having attacks of guilt) when I would look at the map for inspiration as to where to go next and it would direct me back to the old lady's house which I couldn't get to until I finished my business in this universe. Then there was the problem with the scissors, about which there's been enough said already, but another problem with the bear was that the help button kept telling me to look for a needle in its paw but click as I would, I couldn't find it. I went into the strategy guide, which didn't make any mention about a needle, only about the scissors.
I'm giving up - I don't want to start over again from the very beginning. A pity, because I enjoyed the main game.

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Re:Lots of problems with the bonus game

[Post New]by Tassieo on Dec 21, 13 2:48 AM
Mt Krabs if you are reading this, if you look on page 86 of strategy guide you will find mention of the Needle. This is IPad version. Am hoping customer service can help me re scissors.

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