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How many levels are there?

[Post New]by elizaew on Dec 22, 13 3:26 PM
I completed level 40 on hard mode plus all the bonuses. It looks like there are more islands in the air but no more levels. The story ends. Did I miss something or did the developer just put extra islands up there to confuse us?

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Re:How many levels are there?

[Post New]by ricoblade on Dec 23, 13 1:33 AM
Haha - i did exactly the same and clicked on those islands just in case but no joy I'm afraid!


Re:How many levels are there?

[Post New]by frankpgh on Dec 29, 13 9:30 AM
I came here looking for exactly the same question/answer.

I did find the additional bonus level after level 40, but "felt like" there should be more levels available in that other "Cloud".

I noticed that, even after achieving gold on all levels and never missing a mask or the other artifacts, that I still did not achieve all of the GOLD levels in the "Book".

That fact also led me to believe I may be missing something.

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