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Card Locations

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Dec 22, 13 4:14 PM
Here is a list for everyone who missed cards:

Jack of Spades - Carousel HOP
Queen of Spades - Vices Puzzle in Black Diary
King of Spades - Toolbox in Ferris Wheel Car HOP
Ace of Spades - Mailbox at Terminal Point HOP
10 of Spades - Theater Hall HOP
Jack of Clubs - Paint Alister Puzzle in Black Diary
Queen of Clubs - Bird Puzzle in Black Diary
King of Clubs - Slider Puzzle in Black Diary
Ace of Clubs - Poster Outside Theater under Scarab
10 of Clubs - Outside Carnival HOP after Fate makes it reappear
Jack of Hearts - Trunk Outside Gate HOP
Queen of Hearts - Roller Coaster Car HOP
King of Hearts - Closet by Fabianno HOP
Ace of Hearts - Raven's Cote HOP
10 of Hearts - Locked Door at Gates HOP
Jack of Diamonds - Gate with Roses by Theater HOP
Queen of Diamonds - Corridor HOP
King of Diamonds - Lab HOP
Ace of Diamonds -Snack Bar HOP
10 of Diamonds - Grave HOP


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Re:Card Locations

[Post New]by tookat on Dec 23, 13 1:48 PM
thanks Ganonsbane.....
you are awesome. this will come in handy when I play the game over.

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Re:Card Locations

[Post New]by tonbogale on May 15, 14 9:04 PM
Thank you!

I tried finding the locations on the walk-through but the pics are not good enough, and they are just labeled secret card #.

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