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Tech support NOT helpful

[Post New]by awalkinglady on Dec 22, 13 9:11 PM
I waited about a week for a response from the technical support department about my game progress not being saved. The response I received was that I should update my game with the Dec. 17 update. How ridiculous is that? Of course I updated my game...actually, I didn't have this problem until I installed the update. Very frustrating to have to continually play this game over and over again from the beginning. So now, I'm back in the queue waiting for another response.

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Re:Tech support NOT helpful

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Dec 23, 13 5:39 PM
G'day awalkinglady,

I am sorry to hear there has been some trouble following the update to Awakening Kingdoms.

Having the most recent version of the game installed is an important details for us to confirm, as it can help the developer identify the potential causes of an issue.

That said, it might help to change the way this game and the system you're using communicate with each other.
From time to time a game tries to save to a location that the system decides it cannot access.

The steps in the following help article may resolve this for you:

Game not Saving

As this is a Tech issue I am going to go ahead and lock the thread but please feel free to post any further questions about this in the Technical Issues thread.


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