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my review and suggestions

[Post New]by sephira1 on Dec 23, 13 12:58 AM
first off id like to say the game could be so much better if just a few issues were fixed..for instance..businesses need to hire more than one or two workers.. how many businesses hire less than at least 4 or 5 people.. hospitals police schools even on huge only hire 3 or 4.. please how many huge civic buildings only have 3 or 4 people?
also farms employ only one farmer.. nobody else? please.. i think you get my drift here..hopefully Next the houses ... why no apartment buildings, what city has only single family dwellings? Another issue is the whining of the people for a business type that is only 2 blocks away...and whining of homeless leaving town every few minutes, even though im building homes and businesses as quickly as i can.. gets very annoying.. and the final issue that really needs fixing to make this game playable.. how about time the disasters so that within a 3 minute period i do not get.. police on strike, teachers on strike.. help neighboring people who had a burned down house.. because i have 74 population and keep losing money to all these disasters like local businesses go bankrupt and out of business due to economy.. I think the whole issue is this game needs some balancing.. and more jobs per business especially! Hope you can care enough of all your paying customers to address these issues asap.. and a note on the forum saying that you will be working on it wouldn't go amiss either!

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