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does the shaman have a purpose?

[Post New]by Yaelle on Dec 23, 13 6:02 PM
I had put this game away for awhile. Back on it now & I realize that there is the Shaman sitting there on every level lately. I see his little mallets or whatever they are but I cannot tell what their purpose, if any, is.

I've tried just about everything I can think of for interacting with them. Tried going back a few levels to see if there were an explanation that I forgot about but I didn't see one. Might have missed it though.


Re:does the shaman have a purpose?

[Post New]by ConnieWatson on Dec 25, 13 6:26 PM
When you hover over those mallets it makes the workers go faster as long as there is liquid in that bottle on the right side of the shaman. Then there is a timer at the top of the shaman to let you know when a new mallet will appear so you can get the workers to go fast again.

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