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Come on, Big Fish... It's CHRISTMAS!

[Post New]by komikero on Dec 24, 13 1:23 AM
It would be nice to have some coins, crystals or maybe even bolgins in my Christmas sock this year. What do you think?

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Re:Come on, Big Fish... It's CHRISTMAS!

[Post New]by Valdy on Dec 24, 13 2:52 AM
It's nothing to do with BigFish, Komikero. It's BoomZap's game. They are the ones who add or don't add to the game.

However, this game has only come out a very short while ago, and I can't see them adding already something for Christmas. I am sure it takes a long time to do all that. And we do have the Christmas version of their "Antique Road Trip".

Merry Christmas.

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