More Than 1 Profile?

[Post New]by MirabellSummer on Dec 25, 13 9:17 AM
I've come so far on the profile I'm currently playing at, so I don't want to delete it. I just really want to start out from the beginning with another profile, so I can fully enjoy the game.

Is it possible to have more profiles or is that option gone with the fact that people can exploit this?

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Re:More Than 1 Profile?

[Post New]by HatesTimers on Dec 26, 13 1:10 PM
You can only have one game that connects to the internet on your computer. The ID that the game sends to the server is not saved in the save files, and any game will send the same ID, and the server will assume it is the same game.

I tried using a different windows login to have a second game (each login has its own save files for this game). All was well until I let each game have a chance to connect over the internet. Then weird things began happening, so I abandoned that.

You could have two games if you never let one of the games use the internet, but you would have to make sure you never slipped up. Perhaps a windows login could be set up that didn't have permission to use the internet.

The game seemed to play fine offline, but collectables can only be cashed in when the game is connected.

Also, if a game is played offline for a while, and later played when connected, it can spend a few minutes with the gold and such changing around as it the server were going through a list of all the things done while offline.


Re:More Than 1 Profile?

[Post New]by MirabellSummer on Dec 26, 13 1:19 PM
Seems like a lot of trouble to go through. It's a bit annoying that you can't have more than one profile and I do hope that this is an option that will be made in the future, but oh well. Maybe one day I want to start over again and actually do that.

Thanks for your reply. It's very much appreciated!

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