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Starting Over/Multiple Account ?

[Post New]by JB4510 on Dec 27, 13 5:08 AM
These question may have been answered, but I find the search function incredibly annoying and unreliable. (Tip to BF: The default search should be the forum one is currently in!)

If you start a new game, I know you lose achievements and whatnot, but do you also lose purchased gold?

Is there any way to have multiple players on the same computer? We use Windows 7 and my daughter wants to play under her Windows User Account. We created a BF account for her and ensured she was signed in to Game Manager under her account. Yet, the game still appears as me and I don't see any options to change player, only to start a new game.


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Re:Starting Over/Multiple Account ?

[Post New]by rybo510 on Dec 28, 13 5:17 AM
I don't think there is a way. Sorry.


Re:Starting Over/Multiple Account ?

[Post New]by amazedbygrace on Dec 29, 13 8:29 AM
This is just an idea, but because your daughter has her own BFG account try this: in the game manager, go to Options (at the top, right) and click the Downloads tab. There you can set where the games download. Change it to download games to her PC user name. See if that works. You can always change it back to download to C:\Program Files (x86). Hope that works!

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Re:Starting Over/Multiple Account ?

[Post New]by efi24 on Jan 1, 14 5:16 AM
Question about gold bars/coins still remains though...
I think I'd like to start over as I just started this game recently and did some game play mistakes. I'd like to play more clever but will gold bars and coins I purchased with real money (forget achievements - that I understand) move on to a new game or be lost? In Farm Up for example it costs 20 gold coins to start a new game and of course you lose all progress and trophies but you do get to keep all gold and silver coins you have...
In Awakening Kingdoms you lose everything What's it like in this game? Does anyone know? Thanks!

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