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chest key

[Post New]by cokienutt on Dec 27, 13 10:46 AM
I saw another person w/same problem. Don't know his results. The key disappears from my inventory when I enter the bldg. with the chest it opens!!

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Re:chest key

[Post New]by jcsgame on Dec 27, 13 11:39 AM
Hi cokienutt:

My only suggestion to you is to read the Walkthrough that I put out in this Forum's blog.

WALKTHROUGH Grey House Chest Key ( outside Tent Area)
Right now it's on page 2 of the blog.

You may have missed a step. The Walkthrough should help you find out what you might have missed.

Happy Gaming

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Re:chest key

[Post New]by kitaboy on Jan 31, 14 4:46 PM
I had to start this game over because I could not get the key into the wagon with the mirrors; nothing I did would work. I certainly did not want to start over; those mini-games with selecting the "3" things are so irritating I would skip and do something ; come back and skip again; good way to get house stuff done that maybe is neglected when I am connected to the game. Once I got into the trailer with the mirrors everything went well, and quickly. Makes one wonder what happened.
Frustrating. Good gaming Fishes. Kitaboy

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