Green Cross Puzzle

[Post New]by CelticLark on Dec 27, 13 7:02 PM
I just got into the hospital and I'm trying to do the green cross puzzle that opens a door. I've made the 5 pieces into a cross but the door won't open and the numbers on the pieces keep changing. Am I supposed to add the numbers up to equal something? I'm really confused on how to solve this one. Thanks!

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Re:Green Cross Puzzle

[Post New]by tammytheo on Dec 27, 13 9:34 PM
Please, highlight to read: Each puzzle piece/green square has a certain number on it. This number indicates the amount of times each square has to be moved in order to create the cross shape.

Hope that helps.


Re:Green Cross Puzzle

[Post New]by CelticLark on Dec 29, 13 2:30 PM
Thank you! I'd already figured it out and moved on but I greatly appreciate the response!

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