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Is Big Fish hurting its brand with these "free to play"games?

[Post New]by redw00d on Dec 30, 13 8:02 PM
Antique Road Trip - only one quest which can only proceed with 400 gold. I have 19. Christmas challenges came and left and mostly they were to decorate with $20K each.

Found - no lever for 2 collections so that I can complete the "15 of" Christmas quests." Reported to BF 14 days ago on a challenge that seemingly lasts at most 22 days. Left three messages in the forum, no response, probably 100 similar postings.

Found - Second Christmas fairy challenge of vanilla ice cream - widely seen as impossible, So no "Snow Fairy." Why even try? The rest of the game is stalled with 5 or so of each mob which each cost $5000 coins or so, and I have to get 5 or 6 more of each of them. Lots of food stored up, but no "QUEST" to use them on. & NO SKIP OPTION.

Awakenings - like this the best, but ran out of food resources on the 4th day, and have to wait and complete 2 or 5 items before having to wait another day for the experience level to fill up again.

No, I don't put my money in the show. I've seen the fora for that to be clear that I would put good money after bad.

I like the offerings on Big Fish. Like that there were many builder games in the last month or so.

These games, not exactly ready to uninstall, but close.

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Re:Is Big Fish hurting its brand with these "free to play"games?

[Post New]by shagwendy on Dec 31, 13 11:03 AM
They're coming out with a new FTP by Elephant, Midnight Castle. Take a look through my posts and you can find the forum for it. The energy is handled a different way, you might like it better.

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Re:Is Big Fish hurting its brand with these "free to play"games?

[Post New]by cissyr1768 on Dec 31, 13 11:50 AM
I will keep playing ART but as usual I will just be playing it like I always do a bit in the evening so I can relax before bed time. I have better thins to do with my time and with my money. I normally only put money into the games that I make online daily, However this coming year I have other things needed in my life to spend my money on then BFG games. Even my membership will be cancelled after January.

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