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Game will not start

[Post New]by CDickens on Jan 1, 14 11:17 AM
When I try to start the game it just comes back with the "would you like to play again" message but nothing else. I have removed and redownloaded it three times, turning the computer off between times.


Re:Game will not start

[Post New]by snuffy2go on Jan 1, 14 6:19 PM
I"m having the same problem. It will download but it wont play


Re:Game will not start

[Post New]by luvmycats on Jan 3, 14 11:48 PM
I am getting a windows error message but also it wont start and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game...


Re:Game will not start

[Post New]by YiaSou on Jan 7, 14 9:48 AM
Did anyone find a solution yet???

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