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PC Crashed

[Post New]by Violetkitten on Jan 3, 14 8:03 AM
My PC recently crashed and cannot be repaired. Other than Facebook, is there a way to recover my Mansion? I have multiple mansions that reside on different computers, the one I seek to recover is named 2410 Black Manor. Any advice is welcome.

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Re:PC Crashed

[Post New]by pshapard on Jan 3, 14 9:12 AM
you really only have two options that I knew of

1 - if the manor was linked to FB (which I'm guessing it wasn't) you can use the "log on from different device" at the bottom of the enter screen

2 - contact CS with the manor name and your DM# (playing as DM - 999999)

only other help may be if you backed up to the cloud or another storage device

good luck - hope you get it back

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