Level 15

[Post New]by lcsdcl on Jan 3, 14 6:23 PM
Having trouble defeating the first wave - has anyone been able to find a good combination of opening moves?

You need money, so the first thing I do is buy a gold mine. But by the time I have enough money to buy anything else the attacker is very far around the trail. If I buy the least expensive option it is not powerful enough to take out the attacker (but this approach is close). If I wait and buy something more expensive then there is not enough time to make use of the extra power. If I buy a second gold mine then they cannot build enough coin to buy anything.

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Re:Level 15

[Post New]by jellypuppy on Jan 3, 14 7:27 PM
This may require you to level up your towers. I have invested in the cheaper cannon towers and cannons do more damage power ups. Now with 3 cannons and spells, I can take out that first knight. See if that helps get you started.

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Re:Level 15

[Post New]by unclepaul on Jan 21, 14 8:52 AM
Place one cannon tower lower right and the other at top hairpin.
After the monster has pased that first tower, sell it and place another canon tower just down and left of the hairpin. Should just kill that first wave enemy. May also use the rocks to make sure.

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