I am having trouble on 3-2

[Post New]by tailswhiskers on Jan 4, 14 7:32 AM
How can you serve 2 different people 2 different dishes? I try to choose the dishes that they like, but the 2 people that come in are different than what I choose for. For example the fox and a girl. The fox likes something and the girl likes something different.

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Re:I am having trouble on 3-2

[Post New]by SilverBranch on Feb 19, 14 2:17 PM
They both won't be happy - that's all. You can serve dishes they don't like. If they are neutral to a dish, you get a 10 coin tip. If they don't like a dish, you get no tip. If one person likes a dish and the other doesn't, you get a tip from the happy person and no tip from the unhappy one.

The hardest thing about this level is serving 7 foxes. I've played this game through 4 times, often replaying levels to make gold and have only gotten gold on this level once in all the times I've beaten the game.

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