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Too Glitchy to be able to succeed

[Post New]by Tamlin55 on Jan 5, 14 5:18 AM
I bought this based on an enjoyable demo. I really regret that I did not read all the comments first. It seems outrageous to me that this game is still up for sale with so many issues left unresolved. I'm having problems with the wandering cursor. How can you play a time management game successfully when you can't control the cursor?
This is the first game I've purchased where I really feel ripped off.

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Re:Too Glitchy to be able to succeed

[Post New]by HotTuna on Feb 21, 14 3:25 PM
Me too. Can't stand to play any more of it because of the slow cursor. Rather irritated, I must say. I was enjoying it through the demo, then it got bad.

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