Dog collars

[Post New]by nconnermscp on Jan 5, 14 12:33 PM
I'm not sure if it is tech difficulties or not but the game says get the collars and there is no where I can see to go to get the collars, got one of them so far.


Re:Dog collars

[Post New]by countrygram on Apr 7, 14 1:05 PM
i can't find the collars either,i did get one.where do i find the others


Re:Dog collars

[Post New]by phdstudent on Aug 30, 14 8:26 PM
I've found one. my problem is that I can't find the 2nd figurine on the urn that gets you the 2nd collar. i have gone through the guide and it doesn't tell you anywhere how to find the 2nd figurine. it's just suddenly there!

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