Half crown placement?

[Post New]by faithmarie55 on Jan 5, 14 9:08 PM
I know I need to place the half crown on the mechanical frog, but no matter where I place it, it doesn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled per BFG directions. Opened the game and it started where I had been, Still no luck placing the crown. Any ideas?

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Re:Half crown placement?

[Post New]by underwriter on Feb 13, 14 2:12 PM
In the tech thread someone pointed out there are two frogs. The one you need to put the half crown on is the one that already has the other half. It will give you a coin which you then give to the other frog.


Re:Half crown placement?

[Post New]by cajun69queen on Sep 6, 14 7:55 AM
The room where the lift is that you have to repair is where you will find the first frog with the half crown that you need to add the other half crown to. This will then give you the coin that you take to the second frog that is by the Shrine of Apprentices.

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