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level 13

[Post New]by satchel49 on Jan 6, 14 8:59 AM
i dont have the strategy guide...and i need help on this level...19 days is just not enough time to get gold....have to build 6 cabins with gardens and flowers on all the help! thanks

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Re:level 13

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Jan 11, 14 8:28 AM
Clear the debris.
Salvage the trailer with no stars.
Repair the broken trailer.
Build a factory and create supplies continuously.
Salvage the tents and build 2 cabins.
Repair shaman's wagon.
Salvage the trailer with 1 star and build cabin.
Salvage the trailer with 2 stars and build a cabin.
Upgrade factory.
Upgrade cabins to 3 stars.
Salvage the trailer with 3 stars and build a greenhouse.
Upgrade greenhouse and grow seeds continuously.
Create supplies until you have 1,400 then salvage factory.
Build a cabin and upgrade to 3 stars.
Build gardens on all cabins.
Grow 600 seeds then salvage greenhouse.
Build the flowers.
Build a cabin with 3 stars and garden.


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