Princess Leaving Show

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Can anyone that has finished this portion of the game please post something to help us other people that are growing grey hair trying to get off of this. I don't understand why there is no walk through with solid information on this game as old as it is. Big Fish if you are going to sell us these games you need to provide information on how to play them or it comes off as a oh well for you all & will make people stop buying your games.


Re:Princess Leaving Show

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Mar 16, 14 5:25 AM
I have hired the princess and at the moment she is very happy. She is performing her ten acts (first scenario for her) in my current evening shows. Is this a scenario that happens later? I was just wondering. If it is not a particular thing that happens but just a notice from Buddy that she wants to leave, then check her stats. Is she happy with where she lives? If not place her in a single house, and upgrade it.
Is she happy with her money? No? then increase her pay. You can also have a talk with her under the manager actions for each performer/animal. This will increase her mood the next day. Or you can promise her a $500 reward for her good work etc.

There are a lot of things you can do in this game to keep the performers from leaving. For instance if they care about the care of the animals, then you should check on the care points for each animal and try to raise those to (O.K) for each one in the circus. You can do this under the Salary and Care tab. If one says it has great care you can lower that to gain a few extra keeper points to give to one that is very low like poor or very poor.

This will help keep several of the performers that do care about animals. If you have her stressed out, try to delete some of her low-end tricks try to keep her more complicated tricks though because these are the ones the better class guests want to see. They don't care about one point tricks anymore.

If she likes working with the animals (can't remember) then use her as the person that comes out with the animal to do the trick, they enjoy this and still gain popularity for being seen. Some don't ever have to learn a trick just have them come out with the animals they can still reach five star popularity. If she is unhappy with her popularity like I said you can have her come out with the animal for some tricks or promote her as the performer of the week under the ads campaign under the Gate options.

I am half way through the Orient campaign (mainly because my game became glitched and had to start over) but she is very happy in my game.

If she cares about the rating of the circus then try to increase popularity by the number of stalls you have, and the greenery in the game, bushes work too just as much as trees and fountains etc.

EDITED Oops You didn't mean the Pearl of the Orient Did you? You mean the sultan's daughter and the last task you have to do to win the that campaign so you can move on to America.

Sorry, they both look alike

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