Part 2 - Chapter 2

[Post New]by Honeysuckle59 on Jan 6, 14 1:10 PM
Cannot build2nd Watch tower not enough silver... so cannot find seeds
Have done everything found secrets...found 1 seeds. tried diffrent profile .. restared gme 4 x. Please can any one help

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Re: Part 2 - Chapter 2

[Post New]by ledheadmelli on Jan 6, 14 1:39 PM
I'm not in that particular level at this time, but what I've noticed when a certain supply is missing (like silver or granite), it is usually to be found behind one of the secret doors to a different area. Only in that new area will you be able to build the silver mine or quarry that is needed in your main level, but the materials will build up from both areas. When I'm low on food, I find I can build a smokery in the hidden area even though all my fisheries are in the main level. The same holds true for wood, stone and silver as far as I can tell.

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Re: Part 2 - Chapter 2

[Post New]by ricoblade on Jan 7, 14 5:44 AM
Hi - you don't need to build the 2nd Watchtower to get the Seeds.

When you get the Well task, the first Seeds are by the Altar of Mist and when you pay this Altar, the second seeds are by the revealed Stone Totem.

When you build this Stone Totem, the 3rd Seeds are in the Bushes next to the Rock that you have to remove.

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