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Part 2, chapter 5

[Post New]by elizaew on Jan 6, 14 6:47 PM
I can't find the additional strength I need to chop down the bush to get to the burning watch tower. I have run all over the place and can't find a level or altar that I haven't already used. Is the strength hiding in a bush somewhere? Do I have to chop everything down to find it?

This is the first time in all the Adelantando games that I have not been able to find something I need.

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Re:Part 2, chapter 5

[Post New]by sipason on Jan 6, 14 8:23 PM
Talk to Milintica(the woman in front of blocked gate) first.
She will open the passage, then enter there and build everything.
Save the person trapped in the cave and return with him.
Then, you can cut down the tower and build balloon to send gold.

There are two strength stones, one in a pot and one dropped.

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