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Constellation of Bastarks birthchart

[Post New]by sedbee on Jan 7, 14 10:24 AM
Hi ya'll,
this is a cry for help to all of you fishies out there
I am stuck in the observatory. Found out that Bastark was born under Skull and my diary says .."I need to find it on the globe and figure out position data..."
Where is that globe?..I've been running back and forth to no avail..
Help please!!

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Re:Constellation of Bastarks birthchart

[Post New]by jcsgame on Jan 7, 14 11:47 AM
Hi sedbee:

Somethings I think it's better not to read the journal, unless you need to get a combination for some type of safe.

If I understand you correctly, you have the map put together and you have done the telescope looking to find the skull. This also means that you have used the gunpowder to blow out the bars covering the University window. Am I correct?

If I am correct, do the following:

University Basement:
click on the fire -- need glass shard to cut ham and get Library Sign
Click on the Boat - need oarlock
Click on Barrels - take Mainland Globe Piece
Click on center opening - take Trowel
Click on Chest - open it and take King and Gem
Click on Wall Box between 1st and 2nd opening
Need building Models, go ahead and place the King & Library there

University 1st floor
Click on bars, need Mountain & Castle
Far right side of screen, click on the cage, cage pi, let goouse out
Take Feather and Gem
Click on Cabinet - take Oarlock
move left
Click on Broken stairs
Use Trowel to get University Bldg Sign
Go Outside

Univ. Yard
Click on Globe - place Mainland Piece
Get Mountains and Castle

Univ. 1st floor
Click on Bars
Place Mountain & Castle
Play Mini-game
Discover where Bastark was born
Place Goose Feather into Ink Bottle
Go to Basement

Univ. Basement
Place Oarlock on boat, get University bldg sign
Click on Oarlock get Labratory bldg sign
Click on wall section and place the 2 building signs.

If you need more information, let me know.

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Re:Constellation of Bastarks birthchart

[Post New]by sedbee on Jan 8, 14 1:34 AM
Hi jcsgame,
thank you soooo much, I am back in the game!

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