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More of these kinds of games please!

[Post New]by akferret on Jan 7, 14 4:17 PM
I played the demo and of course bought the game, had a game credit but I probably would have bought it anyway. This is the kind of stuff if it were a book I'd read it.

So after the demo ended and I gave my credit and bought it, when I loaded it, nothing happened, couldn't figure out why nothing was working. so used a different profile and found out that part of the next part didn't happen the first time, so there is a glitch there, but worked fine with the alternate profile.

This game is great! But it just kind of cuts off just like that at the end, kind of leaving me thinking there should be something more, so was disappointed about that, but would really like to say these kinds of game stories are really awesome and welcome, and I hope to see more like it.


Re:More of these kinds of games please!

[Post New]by Cuddlefish on Jan 8, 14 3:03 PM
Hi Akferret

We didn't get offered the CE at Big Fish.

If you had purchased the game from Play*rix they have a strategy guide and a number of other areas.

Sorry to hear that the ending is cut.

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