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[Post New]by jojo1940 on Jan 8, 14 9:10 PM
I am stuck on this last chapter I cant find the last feather and where do I get the other boats I found the first boat but I am floundering Help please

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[Post New]by ricoblade on Jan 9, 14 1:18 PM
Hi - there are 3 Feathers:

1 - On the island with the space for the Fisherman

2 - Next to the Stone Totem

3 - On an island revealed by paying the Altar of Mist that you buy a Boat for Food to get to

There are 2 Boats:

1 - In the Ravine Area which I assume is the one you found

2 - In the Main Area that you get when you have completed Young Warrior Iuitl's task

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[Post New]by Wolverine257 on Jan 11, 14 9:26 AM
Actually, there are 3 boats.

1. The free one accesses the west side of the second area, where the Altar of Speed is.

2. You buy one to access the small islands on the north end of the second area after talking to the boy and paying the Altar of Mist (those islands are where the last feather is)

3. You buy one to access the cliff & cave on the southwest portion of the main area which is the only way to finish the spearhead quest and to enter the final area.

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