Error Code 4

[Post New]by eokane on Jan 8, 14 9:58 PM
I can't properly download the game. I keep getting an Error Code 4. My firewall isn't turned on and I am using a MAC. Please help!

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Re:Error Code 4

[Post New]by WilJul on Jan 10, 14 7:12 PM
Hi eokane! Welcome to the forum!

I play on a Mac also and since I purchased this game years ago, and have since upgraded my Mac OS I can no longer play this game. Since it's an older game it does not work with newer OS's. That may be your issue.

I did a search in the help feature and came across this article for you though, just copy and paste the URL below to get to the page:

It does, however, seem as though that article is referring to Windows, not Mac, so not sure it will be relevant for you.

Lastly, you might want to get in touch with tech support to see if they can help you determine the exact problem. Good luck!

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