Screen white-out in Mirror puzzle

[Post New]by sharill on Jan 10, 14 10:09 AM
When I added the black/blue light to the lamp in on the contraption for the mirror puzzle, my screen went completely white except for the clock. The hands are white squares and when I try to get a hint it says to set the clock hands exactly as shown in the hint. I can't see the hint. Help!! Spoiler welcome!!!


Re:Screen white-out in Mirror puzzle

[Post New]by Maddi_N on Jan 18, 14 4:27 AM
It did that for me too! Try to set the "hands" to either 2:30 or there abouts? and then you have to find the 4 coins to open the closet. One is in his pillow, the other in the cat statue, one is in the other room down the hall and i think the other one is near the mirror? then once you've opened the closet get the prism. if you hover over the whited out screen you should still see the gear cursor, try put the prism in that area.

Hope that helped!


Re:Screen white-out in Mirror puzzle

[Post New]by TEXANNA11 on Feb 21, 14 8:45 AM
I had that problem also. Set hands to about 1;20 or 1:30 (I think it is the long hand that matters). Then take the prism and put at top of blank screen in the middle top and then punch red button. I kept hitting hint and a slight twinkle came in the top middle of the blank.... then you go to another town. When you get the clock boxes right then you get the red button

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