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[Post New]by corkidorki on Jan 14, 14 8:41 PM
If you are out there checking in on this new sequel, well, I am bummed. I bought and started to play expecting the previous, which I loved, and I am so disappointed that you can no longer explore all the streets and find the "poo" or whatever new discovery, I have to use the jump map. Booi. I want to explore your goofy world, not just ship around on the map. So enjoyed the first one. Being lost and all. Just a bummer not to be able to wander, that you have to use the map. I just really wish there was an option to at least find my own way around the streets and get lost in your goofy world again.

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Re:Developers of this game

[Post New]by hyperbole on Jan 14, 14 10:12 PM
I agree about the map. It really does feel restrictive not to be able to just wander from place to place. Overall, this world just seems so much smaller than City of Fools.

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