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Fool proof way to win did I mention?

[Post New]by zuix on Jan 14, 14 8:44 PM
At each level, immediately borrow all the money from the loan shark. Invest in upgrades and research - but don't spend money on advertising or ingredients. Start the level, in spite of the warning "low on ingredients." After that round, the godmother bails you out the one time. Then immediately invest in non-stop infomercials and ingredients as per the prediction for that day. Downgrade your research a couple of days if needed, but never fall more than 2 days behind the leader. Next round, Voila! you have many customers and are a sound competitor. Always then stay 1 day ahead of the "best" competitor, and don't worry about the rest - they will jump ahead of you and then fall wayyyy behind.

You win every round every time, only trouble is, you miss some of the fractured fables. Keep playing to get those (see my post below "correct answers to forked fables" on a list of all the fables.)

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