Saved game location

[Post New]by Cronzilla on Mar 16, 09 6:15 AM
Would someone be able to help me with backing up my saved game? It's actually for me girlfriend. She loves this game and has reached level 16. Our computer has a virus and need to reinstall windows but I can still access data on the old hard drive. I tried copying C:/programfiles/bubble shooter/ directory over to the new hard drive but the 'user profile' did not come with it. I'm guessing it's stored somewhere else. Also If I try to run Bubble shooter from another user profile within windows it does not load her ingame user profile. Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated. I


Re:Saved game location

[Post New]by Cronzilla on Mar 16, 09 7:23 AM
Hey I found what I was looking for. I had to show Hidden and System Files from Windows Explorer. Then it's in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data . Bingo!

I hope this helps someone else. Took me a few hours to figure out.

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