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Amulet, and pull handles.

[Post New]by annibelle1 on Jan 15, 14 4:45 AM
Hi! I read about this before Christmas about the pull handle for Christmas, special items not being there when a quest is met. Can this be fixed? Not that I will be Christmasing, but it has come up twice and this might mean more points? LOL. On another note the Amulet that is suppose to give you more energy faster is not working correctly in my opinion. If it is working 3 times as fast, it should give you energy faster than I seem to be acquiring them! It is very slow compared to before the updates.Any way this can be checked? Curious? Thanks- Trying to get back my progress as soon as possilbe. Had to get another computer and lost all progress. I am much faster this go round, thankfully, just wished I could speed energy up abit.

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Re:Amulet, and pull handles.

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Jan 15, 14 5:45 AM
Ordinarily, you get one point of energy every three minutes...20 per hour. With the snake in play, that goes to a point every two minutes, 30 per hour. With the dragon in play, you get one point per minute.
I haven't had any issues with those amulets since the update, though I've used them sparingly since I have alternatives from the Christmas promotion for faster energy refills.
Changing your avatar (when you've achieved the levels again) also helps.
And don't ignore the wishing well...I've gotten some pretty good items there (but only when spending diamonds).

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