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You CAN chain tasks!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jan 16, 14 1:20 AM
I just wanted to add this out in a prominent area becuaes I know that queuing up tasks ahead of time is a make it or break it thing for some players & it just so happens that one of the first 1-2 reviews here for this game are by somebody mentioning that you cant - but that's not true. You CAN queue up tasks in Druid Kingdom.
Other than that, I have comments & questions but I'll leave them in their appropriate places.

Oh! I do have a question though. I guess this could go for any game, but I wanted to RATE the game, yet I only saw a place to REVIEW this. I feel so bad because to me, this is a very nice, well-done, badly needed TM and I saw that it has a low # of stars here on Big Fish. That is upsetting because there is no reason for it. I feel like I am obligated to fix that, being that I am so appreciative of this game even being here among all of the uhhhh....other stuff.


Re:You CAN chain tasks!

[Post New]by gg3000 on Jun 2, 14 8:05 AM
I absolutely agree about the "quality" of some the the games and appreciate your wanting to give this game a higher star rating. Go to the screen where you can buy/play/review the game, now look for the star rating it has already received and pace your cursor over the line of stars. You will be able to click on the star rating YOU want. Hope this helps!


Re:You CAN chain tasks!

[Post New]by OnWisconsin on Jul 9, 14 7:40 PM
I don't understand what you mean by "chain tasks".

But I LOVE THIS GAME. I think I've played it every day since I got it.

The game should get 4 stars!

Glad we agree. (if you have time, please explain chain tasks!

Thanks so much



Re:You CAN chain tasks!

[Post New]by Cabbagepatcher on Aug 24, 14 6:21 PM
I think this is one of the most well thought-out games when it comes to chaining tasks. Once you have the full upgrade to the chain power-up you can queue up to three tasks ahead and it will number them 1-2-3, and you can easily change the queue order if you change your mind. I often click on the renewable resources so I will be able to grab them as soon as they appear. And for things like the boulder that need a lot of food, you can just leave the boulder in the queue and the worker will get to it the instant the food becomes available.

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