STILL BROKEN. No butterfly key. No more Blue Tea or Big Fish

[Post New]by panicbear on Jan 17, 14 2:18 PM
It's been months and Blue Tea still hasn't patched this broken game and Big Fish has also failed to address the problem. A 'butterfly key' item is missing for many players and we can't proceed to the rest of the game.

I wrote to Big Fish asking for any kind of refund or credit for this game which I can't finish and the Collector's Edition bonus chapter that I can't play.

I got a form letter and a promise to follow up later. There was no followup.

I'd bought nearly every Blue Tea game up to this one, but I won't buy another Blue Tea game again, and I cancelled my Big Fish subscription. These people don't even pretend to stand behind their products or their service. I've played free games that have better support.

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