after gun assembly

[Post New]by kezza09 on Jan 18, 14 12:35 AM
what do you do after gun assembly, went to house with baby and nothing happened

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Re:after gun assembly

[Post New]by shepherdmoon on Jan 18, 14 11:26 AM
You don't go to the house with the baby, but a different location. I can't remember exactly which one right now, even though I just did it a few minutes ago (so unmemorable). It's City Hall or some such thing. Something you can fast-travel to on the map, of course.


Re:after gun assembly

[Post New]by heatherington on Jan 20, 14 1:01 PM
After gun assembly go back to barber who tells you to wait outside. Lifeguard comes riding on a tricycle and gives you a key to the shack. Then to the library from there.

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