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Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jan 20, 14 4:01 AM
This is a tower defence game. The game is identical to Royal Defence Ancient Menace and Medieval Defenders. The weapons and game strategies are exactly the same. You can see from the menu systems as well the developers are taking the basic idea and just changing the routes and the graphics.

There is 20 levels in two groups, same as the others. Each level has multiple waves. With this one, however, you are shooting at mostly at ships and sea creature like ships. The ships are larger than the people in the previous two games and I found that easier to click on when you want to target a specific ship. I did enjoy the graphical aspect here - the scenes are intricate and beautiful and the ships are easier to identify than the people were.

The upgrades and weapons are the same although the spells have had a graphics update and are called different things.

In some cases the point of entry to the tower you are defending is very short which makes it much harder to get a perfect score.

For those not familiar with these tower defense series: You have a variety of ships travelling by air and sea to defend your tower from and they have different skills, it isn't just strength, some of them can heal other units, some of them are invisible except to certain weapons, it requires you to implement strategy to choose the right weapons and also sometimes to click on a particular ship so that the weapons target it in order to remove it first because of its impact on the others (some weapons do that automatically). You receive money for every unit defeated and can buy and upgrade towers using that money. You also tend to receive either money or a weapon when you start. Although you are meant to upgrade and place more towers as the game is in progress you actually can pause it, place and upgrade your weapons, then continue the game. These games require you to upgrade your weapons which you can buy with barrels that you receive from the ships. Generally you would play it on easy (it's not that easy) and upgrade your weapons as you go along before you'd play it on normal and you'd probably have to have a substantial amount of upgrades before you'd pass it on hard. There are two speeds so that you don't have to sit and watch the units travel along the route - you can speed them up.

I continue to find these games well made and enjoyable.

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Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by Csustar on Jan 20, 14 8:04 AM
Wow, can't top that review. I love the defense games, and have them all I think. I love the ships and especially love the strategy that goes into playing them!

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Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Jan 20, 14 9:10 AM
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Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by vickijb on Jan 25, 14 4:54 PM
I wanted to buy this game because I love tower defense games. This game is from the same developer as Royal Defense:Invisible threat and Fort Defense. I played the 1 hour demo and I can tell you this: Same game as Fort Defense and no fix for the mac issue of no difficulty level select. Wish would either make the developer fix these issues or quit offering the mac version. I check every time hoping these things will be fixed but no luck. If you have a mac skip this game.


Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by morningglori on Jan 26, 14 4:46 PM
There's not only no level difficulty select on the MAC version, but some levels are just absolutely impossible to win. Impossible. I eventually made it through the Atlantic Ocean level and went on to the Bermuda Triangle. Levels 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, etc. are impossible to get a perfect score to get more barrels to upgrade with. The ships come so fast that no combination of weapons or upgrading them to the highest function enables you to shoot fast enough to win those levels.

As such I'm stuck level at 11 and can't get any further. I enjoy a challenge and hate when games are too easy. I like to be able to use my brain to strategize the solution, but this is plain and simple -- impossible.

If you own a MAC, DON'T buy this game.

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Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by Chi3165 on Feb 1, 14 10:37 AM
Well, I got started on the game and discovered it was "hurry up and wait!" I spent more time waiting for incoming, and building up my defenses. I have better things to do than just sit and wait! For those of you who are newbies to the game, I would not recommend it.


Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by engineer8151 on Feb 9, 14 10:28 AM
I completely agree with moringglori, I have a Mac. I understand the frustration. I aced Atlantic Ocean BUT I can't get past Level 5 in Bermuda Triangle. (Ditto on 1, 3, & 4.)

Big Fish should have a Mac computer to play & understand our frustrations and fix the problems before they are post for sale.


Re:Review for Fort Defenders: Seven Seas

[Post New]by MasterDragon12 on Feb 19, 14 4:54 AM
hello maybe you can help
im looking for a list of what each weapon does and kills same as with them nasty ships

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