Rough Rough Rough walkthrough spoiler alert cause it tells everything

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Who Am I
Talk to the police till all conversation is exhausted. Dig through the suitcase to get map pieces, notebook and hotel pass.
Play the match game to find all the keys then go to your room and try all numbers.
I got:
You need to exhaust all number possibilities. At this time it won't let you dial them because you need money. Look inside the receiver for a train pass.
Railway Station
Give receipt to police man.
Can't remember locker number, see map go to barbershop find out its #90
Go back talk to hotel guy and he wants his yard cleaned. Just hold rag over graffiti.
Then go back to your room and try to dial your numbers again. My number that gave me my next clue was 5-61-88 who told me to come to 72 Left Alley. When I got there found the stupid woman trying to feed her baby a hamburger and had to play a match game, if you can't beat the baby, after the third time you will. You receive four blocks 0953 with TICY over the tops of them. Go to locker #90 and put in the word CITY, which is 3905. Here you find out the formula that will help restore your memory.
Milk, 2 eggs, headache relief tablet, purple paint, snake venom to taste, ash. Boil 5 min., stir vigorously, drink cold.
Play the hidden object then go to the grocer and put all the boards in till they fit.
Grocer wants you to take groceries to TV woman in #3. So you take them there and go back to the grocer only to find that he needed a signature from her. You go back to the woman only to find that she wants you to find a book for her daughter before she will sign. So you find the book and take it to building 42.
Building 42
Give her the book and she wants her makeup that she left at #3. Go to #3 find makeup, back to #42.
Hairy man - to get snake venom. He wants 20 coins.
Fountain - close up on fountain to find coins.
Grocer - give lady's signature and you get milk.
Artist - wants two bulbs, go to train station but now man there wants water. You should have seen a bottle on the fountain. Get it and fill it with water and give to the man, he then lets you take the lightbulbs for the artist and then the artist lets you take the purple paint.
Hairy man - give him the coins and he lets you take the snake venom.
Ask him for his pot. Find 10 differences. Then to make a fire you do a match game.
Pot is boiling just add ingredients. No need to stir. Then you take the potion and your mission becomes clear.

Film Studio - They want froth on th


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Could you please finish the walk through. You did a great job so far.

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Re:Rough Rough Rough walkthrough spoiler alert cause it tells everything

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I cant get close in the fountain for the coins.

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