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Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by Nilosh on Jan 22, 14 1:51 AM
About 30 minutes into the game I had already decided what the title of my review would be; Nyet!, which means No in Russian. A tiny piece of advice to the developers, if you are going to name your characters Jack and Emily please avoid the heavy Russian accents or just use Russian names. Our story is begins with two young lovers camping out in the middle of nowhere when suddenly a dark and shadowy figure attacks and kidnaps the young lady (of course it would be the female) and takes her to an abandoned Military Bunker. Your mission begins and you have to rescue Emily but then you discover that there is a mad scientist behind this and I am sure interesting things will probably await you once you get inside the bunker but I really didn’t bother to get that far

Graphics are old and tired looking, a lot of browns and sepia with some graininess in scenes that actually enhances the atmosphere of the game. You will discover that although you choose the harder of the two modes of play, despite what it says, you still get sparkles and glints all over the place. A very classic HOPA game with emphases on hidden object scenes that are re-visited, a lot of pick up this or that and too much hand-holding as black bar hints are constantly in your face.

To be honest, I got as far as (spoiler alert) feeding a mouse to the trapped rattle snake when I decided that this game was not for me; just too familiar and too dated as well as absolutely no challenge whatsoever. You have no map, a journal and a hnt button that points directions. Despite what the game description says, mini-games are classic and nothing we haven’t seen before. Actually I have to say, rather than using the word old, lets just say this game is a classic and for those who enjoy HO scenes, beginner and just nostalgic, this game may be worth a credit. As for me? I say Nyet and will just move along my merry way.


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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jan 22, 14 2:17 AM
Rats, Bats, Rust & Tunnels


This is a well-produced standalone SE. There are no bells and whistles of course, but its low key start is paired with crisp graphics and solid gameplay. Although not a world beater, it has a unique story and enough of interest to keep you going.

The graphics are excellent, with clear and sharp images, pseudo-realistic. Though dark in places, the HOPs always have enough light. There is a lot of rust and grunge. This is not a ‘pretty’ game. The opening movie is very 3D adventure game stuff, which I personally dislike, but it is done well.

One thing I really liked is that instead of black bars on the side of the screen when in WS mode, there is appropriate wallpaper. Even better, this changes from location to location and is actually a nice addition to the atmosphere.

The sounds are excellent. Particularly Emily’s scream. The music is unobtrusive. There are no voiceovers past the couple of lines in the opening scene (at least, not yet, we’ve not run into any other person so far).

Out camping one night, you and your fiancée are attacked by a strange robed man. When you come to, you find Emily has been dragged off into a secret bunker. Following her is not easy, the bunker is only accessible through a rust-ridden, damp and dingy set of tunnels, where the only living things you have seen are rats and bats. But you must make the most of the resources around you to survive and rescue her.

This is your average HOPA game. There are perhaps more puzzles than you’d expect (23). They vary from easy to tricky, and at least some of them are original. They suit the game very well.

The HOPs (10) are visited twice. They are standard interactive word lists, but were a little bit more challenging, even on the lower of two difficulty levels. The items requiring interaction are indicated in the list, but there is no gears or hand cursor when you hover over them, and no sparkles to point them out.

There is no map, and the journal is a good summary. The hint is directional and quick to refill. There is a lot of black bar commentary in this game, and much handholding. The game is not hard, so this extra layer of assistance is a bit annoying.

The game is a bit slow, the demo took 35 mins and very little happened.

It's a good game that many will like, though.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Jan 22, 14 3:36 AM
Ho Ho gotta love these games and the blows they deal our egos sometimes.
Got into the pumping station OK. Found everything I needed to fix the pump and remove the water to search for some supposed treasure or useful item, at the least activate a HOS. Easy peezy.
And what did I get?? A key? A map? No..... A friggin mousetrap of all things!!!
At least it wasn't long before I needed to use it.

Edited to add ... OK, who else is willing to admit to trying to climb the ladder again after you had opened the door??

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on Jan 22, 14 8:25 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Secret Bunker USSR here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

Review Guidelines

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*Moderators will be removing any content in this thread that is not a review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators.


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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by jonah11 on Jan 22, 14 10:01 AM
Thanks for the reviews. i have to agree with Nilosh. I did not enjoy the demo. Very dark and not exciting. It seems to me the last several games have not been up tp BFF standards

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by sleeplady on Jan 22, 14 2:19 PM
Very dark, dirty and animalistic. Feeding a little mouse to a snake?! no thanks, not even if it were free.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Jan 22, 14 2:41 PM
Ooh! Wow! What a depressing game! Boy, I never want to go to Russia. Ever, Comarade! I felt like was in the movie, Dr. Zhivago - only one hundred years later. Geesh! I quit after I opened the sewer and a snake jumped out at me.

This game is beyond depressing. I agree with another reviewer on this site. If everyone has a heavy, heavy Russian accent (I wanted to go out and buy Borscht and Vodka after hearing the actors) why did they choose good old "Amerikan" names like "Jack" and "Emily?" The devs (who I presume are from the Ukraine - and they hate Russia) should have named them Yuri and Lara or how about Ivan and Nadia?

The storyline is pretty simple. You are on a camping trip with your little "golubushka" when some hooded figure absconds with her. Then, you are exposed to decayed buildings, barbed wire around the edge of the screen and many HOG scenes. You are trying to locate her in a decayed underground shelter. Some of the HOG scenes are interactive. There are only two levels of play. However, it makes absolutely no difference because there are more sparkles in this game than Red Square on May 1 (International Workers' Day) Comrade. The graphics are decent; however, rusted tools, dilapidated building, rats, snakes abound. There is voice and the time I spent, I did not see one puzzle. The HR person at my work (whose family is from the Ukraine and hates Russia) would love this puzzle; however, I don't very many people will. I give this game 3 stars out of 5 stars for an SE and that is amazingly low for me. I just hope I don't have any nightmares after playing this game.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by FishyFemale on Jan 23, 14 2:07 PM
sunnyglow wrote:Ooh! Wow! What a depressing game! Boy, I never want to go to Russia. Ever, Comarade! I felt like was in the movie, Dr. Zhivago - only one hundred years later. Geesh! I quit after I opened the sewer and a snake jumped out at me.

There are only two levels of play. However, it makes absolutely no difference because there are more sparkles in this game than Red Square on May 1 (International Workers' Day) Comrade.

Sunnyglow, you crack me up! I'm a big fan of games that show abandoned, dilapidated buildings where rust and grime abound. Don't ask why. But this game is older looking than I thought. The play screen shows a year date of 2010. I'm wondering if that is when this game was created or is the date of the company's beginnings. Either way, I was surprised at how pixelated the cut scenes are and was really expecting the game to not work right but I played the trial and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe it's because my computer is so old and the required RAM is so low that it worked so well? Hmm...this is another one of those games where you don't get 60 minutes worth of trial time. I got to the point where he falls down the shaft after I dynamited the wall and the trial ended with 13 minutes left. This makes me wonder just how short of a game this is. No matter, because I liked what I played and will probably buy this at some point on a half off or more sale, or I'll use a PCC that's close to expiring. I enjoyed the setting because I visited Russia when it was still part of the Soviet Union and I'm Hungarian, so I like it when eastern Europe is represented in a game. Can't find many like that even though I know graphic artists take liberties with how the locations are drawn. I just like the ambiance of it all. I agree with others, though, that they could have tried better with more Russian sounding names. Mikhail, Yuri, or Sergei would have worked well for Jack. Svetlana, Ludmila, or Ecaterina would have been nice for Emily.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by yowzasma on Jan 23, 14 2:18 PM
I do not usually post after playing a partial demo but on this one I want to because I am going to gladly purchase it with a coupon I like it so far in that it is different and I enjoy seeing and the challenge of finding items that we call by a different name, [ ie: flashlight-torch]

I have only played about half of the demo because I understand that it may be a might short and I want to play a full game when I get it and I always restart with a new profile & don't enjoy repeating play very much :/

The graphics are good and the storyline is developing o.k. So I will come back after playing the full game and hopefully not to eat my words LOL !

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by dlcoyte on Jan 23, 14 5:14 PM
I agree with some that demo dragged a bit... but I read the reviews before finishing demo and chose to use a freebie on it...

Well worth it... once you buy and take your time and finally get inside the bunker and tunnels, its dark, a bit creepy and I think great graffics..

I found the games and hogs just right... not impossible and have not used hint yet... you can figure things out...

Im only a bit into it and im finding it really refreshing from the games where you get and animal to drag throughout the game to help you... They are starting to get annoying and same ole same ole...

Story is different as well... Glad I got it... enjoying it a lot... a bit spooky (creepy) now that im in the tunnels underground.. Deb

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by BlackWaterRules on Feb 3, 14 2:04 PM
Based on the Demo

The soundtrack is eerie with great voiceovers, especially the screams and demonic laughter. The graphics and visuals are just the way I like them: dark, eerie, creepy, and scary.

The storyline is great. Attacked by some villain in the woods you have to save your girlfriend who has taken shelter in a secret underground bunker (where the villain is now inside).
The door is made of solide metal with a bullet proof glass window. You have no explosives, no grendades, not even an AR-15 but you will get the job done.

The hidden object scenes are straight lists with some interactivity. The lists are clear, the objects to find are moderately easy to moderately difficult to find. The mini games and puzzles were fun and challenging.

This one is a keeper.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by kdubs on Feb 4, 14 10:24 PM
Comments on completed game. The title and theme were initially a concern, but it had an odd retro adventure-style appeal, and I had a punch code ready to go, so decided to get it.

I did enjoy the demo hour, but it was a painful slog through the grainy rough graphics of the middle 1/3 of the game that had me almost ready to quit.

Who knew there were that many shades of black/brown/rust?? Yes, I know by then we were in the underground bunker where everything was supposed to be dark, rusty, deteriorated. But unfortunately it was so dark and deteriorated that it became more of an eye test than a game.

Just when I was ready to give up, the final 1/3 picked up steam story-wise plus the graphics noticeably improved in quality and visual appeal. That last hour redeemed it well enough for me, but if I were handing out stars, at best it would average 3 out of 5.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by vibtek on May 9, 14 12:25 PM
Kind of spooky.

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Re:Game Reviews for Secret Bunker USSR

[Post New]by yowzasma on Aug 19, 14 10:43 PM
I put off playing Secret Bunker USSR because I got it on Jan. 28th this year and had read that it was a short game & had no walkthrough...Wrong, game length is just fine for an SE but I really wanted to refer to a walkthrough a few times for the mini-games I finally had to hit the skip button on the multi green light crane puzzle & I do not like to do that

After my above tirade I want to say I enjoyed this different style game and will look for more from this developer ...The gameplay was different and I'm not really used to seeing 'USSR' and items labeled in Russian but that is why I bought it. It is more adventure than I expected and the developers did an excellent job of labeling the objects in the hog scenes.

I personally like Folk Tales from other country's but this isn't a folk tale, its a HOPA and I liked it

I am giving it a and 1/2 out of possible 5

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