Getting out of the door of the dance studio

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Message dated Jan 2014

I have been senior player on BF for a number of years. most games play OK on my PC platform but this one is a bit of a joke. so early in the game.

So many folk seem to have encountered the same problem as I have in getting past the "plod" (as we say in the UK) out of the dance studio. I am a late starter in this game and yet I am still getting the same problems as gamers did when this product first came available on BF.

I know that BF are fair and will give you a key number for another game if they cannot give you the answer to your problem but that is not the point !
I want to play the game that I have chosen to the end without any problems.

If this was a high powered game requiring loads of store and advanced graphics then I can understand that there may be problems.

Is there anyone out there who has the answer to getting out of the Dance Studio.

I know that I have posted problems with this game in the past but fellow gamers do not seem to know the answer either.

methosthegreat (UK)

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