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tutorial achievement

[Post New]by shibabi on Jan 23, 14 4:12 PM
How do you get this achievement? Played 3 times, said did the tutorial 3 times and NO achievement. What am I doing wrong?

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Re:tutorial achievement

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Jan 24, 14 11:45 AM
Hi Shibabi,

I don't think you're doing anything wrong. When I played the first time, I was very careful to ensure I didn't accidentally click out of any part of the tutorial, but didn't get the achievement either. I re-started about 45 minutes ago, and the same thing happened. Other gamers may get it.

In another game I recently played (not by this developer) it gave me an achievement I hadn't even achieved, so who knows why this happens. It's annoying though. I've only ever gotten all achievements once in a game in many years.

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Re:tutorial achievement

[Post New]by Tufty57 on Jun 23, 14 10:01 AM
This 'so-called achievement' is one of my pet hates especially if there is also one for "complete the game in Insane mode".

I always check the achievements before I demo CEs so I can get a feel for the game.


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Re:tutorial achievement

[Post New]by tookat on Jun 23, 14 10:00 PM
I only care about the achievements if the art work on them is good.
or if getting certain of them opens up another game or puzzle or something else neat to do.

When they first came out, I drove myself a little bit nuts trying to achieve all of them, when some of them are just about impossible unless you want to keep replaying each HOG several times, and I don't get off on that anymore....used to though.
Anyway, I realized I was allowing a hollow external achievement to make me feel crazy......but, I do like to try and get them when there is art work involved.
When the devs use the same symbol for each.....pleh, I don't even bother.

oh, and this is a personal thing....I don't mean to comment on anyone else pursuing achievements.....if its your bag....go for it and good luck.

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