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[Post New]by cimicifuga on Jan 24, 14 2:20 AM
Sent an email to Big Fish Customer Services about the Bonus Game.
Had a nice and prompt reply back from Big Fish in Seattle.They have looked into this and it seems when you finish the game two pictures appear.To get the Bonus Game you click on the right picture,if you click on the left picture you start the game all over again.They are talking to the developers about this and there should have an update out.It looks like myself and many other players who missed clicking on the right picture have at this moment in time will have to go through the complete game again until the update comes out.Hope this helps.

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Re:Bonus Game

[Post New]by JulieJay on Jan 24, 14 12:37 PM
This isn't really a development glitch so I don't know what they can do in any update unless they make the writing bigger - It clearly says above the 2 pictures "choose a CHAPTER" - I think most people are just assuming at a glance it says "choose a CHARACTER".

Edited to add: on reflection, if after clicking on the wrong chapter (i.e. the main game again) and you aren't able to backtrack and click on the correct chapter (i.e. the bonus game) then that is indeed a fix that needs fixing as I certainly wouldn't want to replay the main game to get to the bonus.

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