Key in music box

[Post New]by Tuggle on Jan 24, 14 11:37 PM
Someone else asked this question but it appears it hasn't been answered. I am trying to put the key into the music box; however on the ipad the box is so far to the left (as I look at the screen), everytime I try to insert it it bounces back to inventory. Until I figure this out I can't continue the game (which I'm enjoying) and will be out $6.99. Could someone please help! Thanks so much.


Re:Key in music box

[Post New]by TinkerbellFish on Aug 8, 14 9:15 AM
Don't know if it matters, because apparently no one has answered the problem, but I am having the same problem with the key bouncing back into my inventory before I can get it to the music box. SO FRUSTRATING....sigh... just thought you might like the company. Seems like this is an ipad issue...... Asking for anyones help out there...


Re:Key in music box

[Post New]by CruiseHappy on Aug 20, 14 10:03 PM
I'm in the same boat! Any idea if anyone is even concerned about fixing this?

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