Level 11?

[Post New]by kaartendraak on Jan 26, 14 1:26 AM
It was very hard to come by level 10, but level 11 is even worse and I'm not even playing higher than easy difficulty.

Can someone help me out what strategy to follow from the start so you can build up as the level progresses. When wave 2 comes past, no matter what towers I place and replace, boats allways reach my fort.

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Re:Level 11?

[Post New]by jellypuppy on Jan 26, 14 1:18 PM
The key to this level is getting artillery placed down and upgrading a cannon to the multi-fire upgrade. To begin, place a cannon tower on the center island in the first position enemies will pass. This cannon will quickly become unable to handle the wave so place dart towers as you can afford them on the left and right sides of the crescent island above the center island. You will need to use spells here as well. Before wave two gets underway, you want an artillery tower next to the cannon tower on the center island. Place the artillery above the cannon tower. As the second wave progresses. you will need a few more towers alone the path the wave travels but what kinds are not that important. Upgrade the cannon and the artillery and you will be able to handle the rest of the waves relatively easy.

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