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All Secret Locations Revealed IN DETAIL. Part 1 Chapters 1-3

[Post New]by bowlmn on Jan 26, 14 5:45 PM
Hey fishies,

Here is a detail location for each secret item. This will get you in the right area.
Hope it helps. Part 2 to be added in another thread. Due to size, have to break Part 1 up into 2 post.

Going back an playing hard level, some secrets may have changed, or are not there.

Part 1

Chapter 1 (7 secrets)

1 hidden in trees below sawmill
2 rock above senior keeper
3 pile of junk to right of senior keeper
4 bush next to trees to right of broken workers hut.
5 bush right of Alter of mist.
6 In cave. small stalagmite in island with survivors.
7 RIGHT below the hut to the right of the peasant woman.
Not a secret, but the 5th mushroom is right above Peasant woman in the trees.

Chapter 2 (9 secrets)

1 bush in trees right of repaired wood hut.
2 hidden in trees left of watch tower spot
3 at stone stairs to alter of mist, dig up on second ledge.
4 after giving 50 stones to 1st alter of mist, in bushes next to rock (left of dinosaur)
5 rock up/left of watch tower spot after suspension bridge.
6 trash pile right of elders brother.
7 bushes right of elders brother.
8 bushes right side of secret passage area.
9 nest on last plateau. (above/right of egg nest area).

Chapter 3 (14 secrets)

1 behind bushes below cave entrance.
2 Inside cave. behind stalagmite in section with bridge.
3 bush right of caveman hole.
4 strange crack above large bush near entrance to ravine.
5 ravine area. In trees to left of ravine entrance.
6 ravine area. Rock behind damaged quarry. (Up/Right)
7 ravine area. after second tower, bush at top right of forest
8 ravine area. bush right of alter.
9 in chest above island.
10 cut tree below/right of alter of water
11 skeleton after entering portals. (pay attention to instructions)
12 in cave. big stalagmite right of entrance.
13 nest below last tower. hidden in trees.
14 gold to right of oratory stone.

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All Secret Locations Revealed IN DETAIL. Part 1 Chapters 1-3

[Post New]by DavyRavenhorst on May 20, 14 8:49 PM

14 gold to right of oratory stone.

Where is this secret bowlmn?!? I looked all over this area (to the area south of the house of balloons in the final area) and cannot find it!! I have already sent the gold to the treasure guy (at the house of balloons) and am on relaxed mode, if this/these make(s) a difference.

If you know in better detail where this secret is exactly at, or if this is a glitch known to the devs, please reply to this thread.

I will try restarting this level again after I finish this level I am currently on, to see if I can correctly find it. I also uninstalled then reinstalled for the updated version of this game.

In the meantime, I am hoping you can lead me in the right direction bowlmn...

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