Bonuses better than usual!

[Post New]by sheilamilo on Jan 28, 14 11:16 PM
The extra game is good, but...

the credits are a hoot!
the Lore Book is interesting
the photos are good, esp seeing the people some of the characters were based on
the souvenirs let you revisit the different places
the Making of is really funny!

I am impressed!

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Re:Bonuses better than usual!

[Post New]by GreenMyEyes on Apr 25, 14 10:31 AM
I'm so enjoying this game -- best Ive played in a long time. What astonishes me are the fabulous graphics. Even when I'f found asll thereis to find in a room, I just stand there awhile enjoying the graphic details.

I thing good graphics are a large element in what makes me choose one game over another. Thanks for the notes about the credits, sheilamilo -- now I'm, really looking forward to them.

Go, developers!

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